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SEAS-ERA (2010-2014) is a project funded by the EU FP7 ERA-NET Scheme. SEAS-ERA is a partnership of the leading Marine RTD Funding Organizations in 18 countries. In addition, a range of observers are associated with the project. SEAS-ERA aims at coordinating the national and regional RTD activities.

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Discover why leading European organizations trust SEAS-ERA to deliver on any RTD project and financial venture around the world.

  • Swift
  • Seamless
  • Trustworthy

SEAS-ERA provides a blockchain-based medium for research and financial ventures. Whether these projects are local, national or global, SEAS-ERA ensures that the process of initiation to closing is smooth, decentralized and backed by solid cryptocurrencies.


Effective Management Structure

SEAS-ERA ensures that clients get the best suitable structure they need to excel in the world of crypto investing and blockchain technologies. Interestingly, decentralization helps this cause better and SEAS-ERA uses this cryptocurrency advantage to achieve project objectives.

Proper Funding

Though money is not everything, investing is vital to any project success. With SEAS-ERA, your ventures can get their desired results without any delay in funding. The 24/7 cryptocurrency market helps in this regard. Crypto investing has never been so accessible!

Solid Infrastructure

The SEAS-ERA makes it easy for researchers, financial organizations and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to build a strong network globally. From project planning, market data monitoring, to crypto investing, SEAS-ERA provides the necessary infrastructure.

What is cryptocurrency?

Imagine having no clue that you have been living a life unforgivably empty of the knowledge of cryptocurrency. Well, we learn every day, don't we?

So, cryptocurrencies are now an investing mania. The truth is, a lot of people who have begun putting their money into cryptocurrencies, don't even understand it. Some of these people seek guidance. They would like to get tips on where to find good information on cryptocurrency, especially for the beginners.

Cryptocurrency is so new, as an asset class, even some folks involved in it don't grasp it. And the decentralized character of the market entertains some terrible players. Not to worry anymore as this article will answer what fundamentally cryptocurrency is.

In essence, cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that is modeled to be utilized over the Internet. Crypto allows its users to transfer value online and worldwide. It is quite instant, operates throughout the day at an affordable rate. It is noteworthy that cryptocurrencies are not operated by a monetary authority or government. Rather, they are run by a peer-to-peer community of computers operating free, open-source software. Usually, any interested folk is given access to it.

Crypto is secured regardless of not having a government over it. It is protected because every transaction is vetted by a technology referred to as the blockchain. A cryptocurrency blockchain can be likened to a bank's ledger. Every currency has a blockchain of its own. It is a continuous, re-confirmed record of each transaction ever brought about using that currency. However, unlike a bank's ledger, a cryptocurrency blockchain is shared across users of the currency's total network. Crypto allows users to have total custody of their assets.

Utilizing blockchain, crypto is a digital database-a 'distributed public ledger' - which is operated through cryptography. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and it is protected as it has been digitally verified through a method referred to as 'mining'. What is mining? It is a procedure in which every information coming into the Bitcoin blockchain has been reviewed using a hugely complex digital code arranged on the network. The blockchain network will verify every new entry into the ledger, and also modifications to it.

It is noteworthy that while it is unidentified, the mathematics behind it gives rise to it being a worldwide public transaction ledger, so all trades can finally be traced by cryptography.  

The first cryptocurrency; Bitcoin, was founded in 2008. It was the first cryptocurrency, and it remains by far the biggest, most influential, and best-known. In the decade since, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have grown as digital alternatives to money issued by governments.

The most popular cryptocurrencies, by market capitalization, are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Other well-known cryptocurrencies include Tezos, EOS, and ZCash. Some are similar to Bitcoin. Others are based on different technologies, or have new features that allow them to do more than transfer value.

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